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It's hard to be an artist! Isn't it?

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Yo guys,

My name is...


I wanted long ago to call myself a real artist so started to draw also recenly made some sketches.

Many of you are real artist and have awesome, better and better arts thus I decided, can't call myself that way so long I didn't draw all of my friends profile pics. Up to now I only could make three of them and it took one whole hour to finish one. I feel like it's harder than I thought (if yes, with all due respect to the  DS artists') or just I was too slow or too lame.

So here you are:


Thanks for reading, rating and leaving a comment
is always appreciated!

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I like that cool animated thing you did, and Malan-Tai, however I think that the face on Wilson is a little off-center, other than that it looks very nice, better than anything I could do, at least :razz:

Oh,Thanks. Yes, you're right. That's a bit off-centered but on paper It wasn't as prominent.

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