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Remapping atlas_0.tex?


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Hello! I am drawing a modded character who uses a short, I wanted to use the skirt template on the 'wod' file to draw it but strangely the side and front views share the same image (the back view is another image on the template). I wanted to do something to change the way the game uses the template images so it could use the front/back view from the same part of the template, is it possible?


I guessed it was by changing the build.bin file but I can't really find this information anywhere now.

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That's not the issue, the wod template uses four images for the skirt, the first two are:





The front view shares the same image of the side view, the same drawing.

I wanted to change it so the front has either a separate drawing in the layout, or shares the same drawing as the back view.

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You could maybe do it if you followed the same route you would if you were creating a creature with custom animation. Instead of your custom creature just download the scml animation source files and use one of the characters as a template. I think you should be able to switch out the images without too much of a problem.

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