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Where's my mandrakes? [Mod Request]

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Simple request, a mod that adds mandrake icons to the overworld map/ caves map.

I have a very hard time finding mandrakes and afraid that I've overlooked them or something, even with mandrakes set to "more" in the world generation settings I find it very difficult to find them, I'm aware that they are incredibly valuable, but even after mapping the entire world and cave maps i can't seem to find any.

Being able to craft them seems too cheaty, and setting them to "lots" is really just setting them to WAY TOO MANY.

I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement but I can't imagine it being too difficult, I'd greatly appreciate if someone made a mod for it.


Edit: Thankfully the author of "Where's My Beefalo?" Added this to its list of features.

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