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Birchnut Trees.

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I recently got RoG and was really happy that Birchnut Trees drop cookable food. I wasn't too good at Don't Starve to begin with (I just barely scraped by a story and unlocked Wes and that's about the extent of my skill). so I thought that the Birchnut tress were just a fantastic source of wood and food at the same time. But then when got a really good game I had an entire forest turn into angry purple demons that spawned slightly smaller purple demons. (Wow. I would say to not interpret what I just said as innuendo but...knowing the internet, that will happen regardless) Anyway, I thought that was because my naughtiness was too high from cooking and eating all the Birchnuts (Wow, this is just getting better and better) but when I looked online it's a 50% chance every time you chop down a fully grown to start killing you. 50%!??! I say that's way too high for the thing to go evil. Especially because all the other Birchnut trees in the area will start killing you too. Since I figured that one out I've been getting the wrong side of the metaphorical coin and every birchnut tree I try to chop kills me. It's really turning me away from playing Don't Starve if every time I start a new game I just die to trees. To make this better I would suggest that it be based on naughtyness level like I thought before I looked it up. That way you won't instantly die to a tree at the start of your game. 
Thank you for your time. :D

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See, the issue here isn't that the trees are dangerous, it's that you KNOW they're going to attack you and you keep going back anyway... XD


You should have time to run away from them after they spawn before you get hurt, anyway, as long as they aren't on all sides; which, again, is a matter of you being prepared.


But, really, you just shouldn't cut them down if you aren't ready to deal with them attacking you.

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Get close enough so that the little purple demons (birchnutters) spawn and come after you and kill them one by one. They drop the edible nuts and sticks. Wait 3-4 days and the demon trees will go back to normal.

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