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Frogs rain is too hard

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I think frogs rain is too hard, and happens too othen, i don't think it's possyble to stay alive night, running around fireplace when rining, putting fuel to fire, just to not die from Charlie or frogs, becous if you will hit one, about 10 others will atack you and you will die in few seconds.

I had two frog rains in 3 days- 6 and 8, died on both. (Fortunly had a touch stone activated, but it didn't let me stay alive much longer.)

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You are not seeing the long term possibilities... the frog rains are your "food pantry" for summer, autumn and winter.



Just make sure to run to a place you don't go often when the rain starts, then run around dodging them till it stops. Leave the area and come back with a few traps on hand when you need meat. Is also a good place to take those pesky dog attacking your base. The few frogs left at your camp from when the rain started can be easily handled with traps.


TIP: Put traps on your first slot so when a frog licks you a trap drops and catches him :grin:


You can also run to a bee infested area and they will fight the bees giving you lots of frog legs and honey. Or beefalos, pig village, etc.. it usually rains so many frogs that whatever is there will die but you will get many food drops and a lot less frogs to dodge.  


Frog legs spoil fast so it is better to let the frogs alive for food source for summer. If you drove them into beefalos or such and are left with many legs, you can cook them and eat what you can, but even if you let some turn into rot, rot helps a lot in summer.


Frog rains are a gold mine of food :grin:


PS: For running around at night use a torch or miners hat

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