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Wiki Discussion: Character Quotes

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It seems people have been eager to add new pages to the wiki, yet no one has touched on the subject of the character quotes. 


In order to avoid whatever mass chaos may ensue upon the full release of the DLC, I propose we get started. Now, my usefulness is limited because I don't have the update and don't want to spoil things for myself, but I'd be willing to set up pages for Wigfrid and Webber.


Before anyone goes and does anything, however, I'd like to make sure we're on the main page for consistency's sake. And that's where I pose my question; how should we update the quote pages for Reign of Giants?


My idea is as follows: Above the first category of quotes we add a heading that says "Base Game" or something like that. Below the last current category we add a heading titled "Reign of Giants". Below that, we add the regular categories. The crafting tabs, the types of mobs, caves levels (if applicable), down to miscellaneous quotes. I think we definitely should use the same category headings, so organization is clear.


How do you guys think we should do it? Do we start now, or do we wait? Do we integrate the new items into the old categories, or do we add a separate section for DLC items altogether? Let's get a general consensus going before anyone does anything.

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Eh, so I just went ahead and created special section for RoG items, and I made pages for Wigfrid and Webber. Add items as you can, but make sure you follow proper formatting and use proper organization: Item name is listed exactly as it appears within the game. If the item has multiple states and quotes for each, indicate the state clearly and consistently within parenthesis, spaced off from the item name. At the end of the item name/parenthesis is a dash with no space before it. Space after the dash and then the quote in quotation marks. Spell and punctuate it exactly as it appears in game, and if there is a grammatical error or spelling in game, make sure to not that as well. I just like to keep things organized and you're saving me time if you comply; I appreciate it greatly!


I left out some categories (Caves, adventure mode, etc) because I assumed there'd be no changes. If there are, go ahead and add those sections to the RoG section. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, but I just want to state it explicitly: If the only place it exists is within the DLC, it belongs in the RoG section and nowhere else on the page. Items are on there once, even if they can fit into two categories.


Also, I realized that all/most characters were missing the Green Gem and Totally Normal Tree quotes, so I added the quote spots for them. Go ahead and fill them in, but make sure you do it where I indicated. Thanks!

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Ah, okay. Well I don't have the DLC, so I couldn't add anything anyway. At least I have the pages set up. :-)


Sure, just saving you all the unnecessary hassle of having to go back and change them all later!

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