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Some Summer Tips: Your Inventory

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Ysulyan    3927

I've been hearing people complaining about how difficult Summer is lately and first of all I wish to tell you all that since this is a Beta access to the DLC, bugs are bound to happen, and this means that balance fixes are needed. This also means you will have to deal with some frustrating events that are most likely going to be balanced or changed in the future. You do not like it? Then disable the DLC.
With that being said, let's go on.

I have based my strategies by reading the forums and accumulating knowledge from other users and the Wiki so the credit goes to everyone.

Also, a side note, I am from Argentina so if you see some vomitive English mistakes, then I ask you to spare my ignorance.

I'll give you some other info before going to the Summer section. You can skip this of you want.



Let me give you a summary of what I always have in my inventory...
This is completely based on my experience so you can freely disagree with my selection of items.
Also, I repeat, this is what I ALWAYS have in my inventory. It could be summer, winter, spring or autumn and I'd still be carrying around these things. I won't mention armour and backpacks since it's a choice you should make to best suit your needs.


Walking Cane. I'm going to be honest. Get one ASAP. Every regular player of Don't Starve has one unless they want to play hardcore. It helps you run, it helps you escape, it helps you collect resources, it helps you everything. Most importantly, it stacks with other speed buffs such as roads.
You can also use this as a weapon, and it won't break, ever. The Cane does 17 points of damage which equals the DMG of a Torch and Umbrella. You will have to hit a Spider 6 times to kill it (without modifiers).
Using the Cane as a weapon is fun, since its speed buff allows you to attack enemies more effectively with a kiting technique.

Mining Helmet. A must. Also try to keep it as close to 100% fuel as possible every time. Even if you have fires and light sources galore, there might come a moment in which you are unable to turn on a fire pit because you cannot see it, or perhaps you're too far away from your base when night comes. Perhaps a hound attack occurs in the middle of the night and you're far away from your super advanced anti-hound traps, and you need a quick and easy means to go through the dark... Eventually you will require a reliable light source which is both bright and lasting, and can be also refueled easily by catching fireflies or going for a quick walk underground.
Summer Note: With the addition of the Ice Flingomatic, you will have to turn off those smoldering objects in the middle of the night (as of late) and since visibility is impaired you are bound to have an automatic device that detects any potential fires even without light. The apparatus will turn off your own fires in pits so in case of emergency you can quickly equip your portable light helmet and let the machine do its work without fear of total darkness.

Twigs and Flint. A full stack of each. If you are in need of fire, you can quickly craft an Axe and cut some trees, a Shovel to remove the stump for an extra log or a Mining Pick to mine some Gold and Nitre to make yourself an endothermic fire in a pinch. If you need space, you can just throw them away since they are easily renewable.


At least 5 Healing Salves. They come in handy if you're overheating or freezing and need some extra time to reach a safe zone. Freezing/Overheating reduces 1.25 health per second so with 5 Healing Salves you are literally adding up at least 80 seconds of extra life. Also, of course, in case of emergency. First Aid is always needed, I say!
DLC: You can opt to not carrying these around if you're Wigfrid since she regenerates life when killing mobs.


Food? I never carry food around when I'm exploring on the surface. I generally gobble up all I can and fill my stomach before setting off. But I do carry all I can of only one type of food with me when I go underground.
DLC: If you're Wigfrid, think... Crock Pot.

A weapon. Almost too stupid to mention this, but yes.
A Spear or anything stronger. if you are willing to save space, you can use an Axe which does 27.2 damage and use it to obtain resources at the same time. Two uses in one. It takes 4 hits to kill a Spider with this tool, for instance, compared to the 3 swings needed to kill a Spider with a Spear. There's pros and cons to each. You can choose your path.
DLC: Your Battle Spear's benefit is that it has the most effective durability of all weapons (with the exception of the Ham Bat which has infinite durability, but does spoil in 10 days), withstanding up to 200 uses (Thulecite Club can handle 150 uses). It also does 42 Damage (same as Bat Bat) so it is indeed stronger than the Spear but you still need to hit a Spider 3 times to kill it. If you are going to hunt some Spiders, then save the durability of your Battle Spear and use a normal Spear. Or go ahead and use the Battle Spear if you have spare resources. Because, why not?

The rest varies. Sometimes I keep the other slots empty in case I find some interesting stuff around. Combine survivability with protection, protection with sanity boost, sanity boost with survivability, protection and inventory expansion, etc, etc.
Find your own build



What I carry around in Summer:

Now, what you're about to be told to is absolutely subjective and you can carry around whatever you believe is most fit, but if you are new to this season then you may consider keeping one or two of these items with you.
Apart from the previous items I have mentioned, this is what I have in most Summer situations:


Ice Cube. Need I say more?
Some quick facts you need to know is that wearing it will slow you down a little, also it can be repaired with ice, and without repairing, it will spoil in 4 days. Putting the Ice cube in the Ice Box will completely stop it from melting so you can craft one and practically keep it forever if you take care of it.

  • Should you start in Spring and without many ice spawners, I guess I would opt for making a Fashion Melon instead. It is easy to do. Grow a Watermelon and use twigs with it. I have never used one so I am not so sure of how effective it is against overheating.
  • Should you not have an Ice Cube, and if you somehow are surprised without any watermelons, then your best option would be to craft yourself a Straw Hat since it gives you shade and, thus, heat protection. A good combination would be, of course, holding a Pretty Parasol or (better) a plain Umbrella at the same time. This is the worst case scenario and I would be carrying with me a Frozen Thermal Stone too in this special occasion. (I rarely use them, check below)


Thermal Stone.  Okay people, you might be thinking why do I consider this one to be less important, and I will explain soon.
The Stone has some bugs but I do believe most of them have been fixed. Carry it around when it's frozen, it will begin to warm up in summer so if you're exploring and becomes orange, drop it. It will heat you and do the complete opposite to helping.
Note: (possible bug) Do not carry a Thermal Stone around if you are wearing an Ice Cube. This is why I almost never have one in my inventory. CURRENTLY, the Ice Cube will keep you cool enough even in a desert with a blazing sun in the sky. Equipping an Ice Cube and having a frozen Thermal Stone in your inventory will eventually freeze you even in Summer.
If you do not use your Thermal Stone, always keep it inside an Ice Box for emergencies, it will help you cool down should you have no other cold sources nearby in your base for whatever reason.


Chest1.png / Ice_Box1.png


(Stored in Chest) Chilling Amulet. It comes in handy when you need to use the Mining Helmet, since it uses your armor slot. It also slows down enemies and freezes them eventually. The drawbacks of this item is that it lasts only 3/4 of an ingame day (6 minutes).
Do not combine with the Thermal Stone. Frostbite alert.
Do not combine with the Ice Cube. If you are wearing an Ice Cube, this item is completely ineffective and a waste of resources.

(Stored in Ice Box) Ice. Never run out of ice. In fact if you don't have ice in your fridge, you might as well start thinking about getting some before summer comes. And I'm talking about going out in the middle of winter to mine lots of them. I always keep 3 stacks of ice but you can choose how many to keep.
Ice helps you turn off smoldering items, but I'd rather keep them since they are hard to obtain in this season, and opt for using other extinguishing methods.
In case you are burning your head off with overheating, you can eat these for a significant reduction of temperature. This is generally useless since the temperature outside will return you to the previous heat in, easily, a couple of seconds.

(Stored in Chest) Rot. Rot extinguishes smoldering items. It is a nice way to save your more valuable ice. Your rot will also restire withered plants, you may have to use two of these to perk them up though.

So, basically, yes, as you can see, an Ice Cube will do fine. Don't get cocky though, it provides no protection, and if you are going to battle some mobs, you will probably need to be more careful. Also, not all summer features have been added, as soon as Summer gets buffed with other hazards, start looking for different solutions.

This should conclude my humble assistance to all. If you have any questions, ask. If you do not agree with some of these things, do not hold back your words and debate. Criticize. Hell, do whatever you want.
If I find more stuff, I will add them.
Edit: Saturday, March 22 - Added some stuff.

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Ibiku    0

I really like your guide. I didn't know a walking crane was that useful. 
just a few questions: how do you control your wetness when using the ice cube? do you simply take it off from time to time?
and do youuse a backpack or do you create a floral shirt/similar?

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