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     My character seems to be getting an easy assist getting killed. My cursor and mouse control is constantly being interrupted and misdirected. My character was dashing through a penguin band, which I've done dozens of times, and the curser, which was under constant pressure, was redirected to the penguins, instigting an instantly deadly attack. Sometimes my character is mislead in the opposite direction i'm directing it to go.  Often, as the latest death, my character made a torch for the night time and the torch never showed up, I had to remake it and it took too long. Character dead. This is happening all the time. It is ruining the game for me.. I don't have a shared computer, I use passwords, I change them occasionally, This is some kind of hostile bullying, unless you've got the game trained to fail on assembling campfires and torches and clicking on items that aren't being clicked on by me which I doubt. I've seen people asking for multplayer. Can the game be hacked or hijacked this way?  Any advice one the subject would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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I'm sorry, I just can't resist, this is just too "tinfoil hat" funny,


lets see,


have you tried um checking your mouse and it's drivers .... and an assortment of other local issues...


you automatically think it's someone hacking your SP game....I will restrain from saying more lol

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I LOVE the exuberant and helpful dialogue that I have been treated to. As a helpful critique, I would like to point out that the best answer was the first one.

Actually, I have been trying to WASD more, but now it seems I should use it exclusively. It's so easy to lapse into the curser direction.


2. This may be the wrong subforum, but since you don't have any for this it's pretty much up in the air which forum it could belong to. Especially if I do write a review of the game. I have been playing for a long time.


3.  Kraken(whatever) what a lovely name. I had a beautiful beta fish with that name that was microwaved to death by my neighbors. His belly got really big and he couldn't breath. A very sad story. I will always be partial to krakens. I think they were from Bosnia. The neighbors, not the fish. Not that that has anything to do with it.


4.  Silence is gold.. uh Silentdarkness, um I have thought that a lot. That  I wasn't doing so good that is. But then a lot of 'Don't Starve' players could say that. Couldn't they? And if I wasn't 'so good', then my game would be crappy up until I got dead, wouldn't it? But my game is really good until I'm assassinated, and I can even give some players advice, up until a point. I've gotten pretty good at (is it kiting?) teasing the spider webs for supplies and clearing them out if need be. Even hostile truces with the spider queens.


But I will take your opinions to heart and go from there. WASD is probably the better startingpoint. I would like to write a review for the game, but I feel I wouldn't be able to represent it fairly right now. I've scanned for problems and found a few, that don't seem to directly affect the game. I've also turned off Microsoft Security Essentials community reporting. I suspect that there are different communities and one of them is a raving gang of gps stalkers.


Thank you

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