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Mod questions for a .lua worldgen tweak

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Hey folks, I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for a tweak I'm working on as my first mod.


My goal is to have worldgen create a specific item in sandbox mode - hound mounds, specifically - and if they're already in for sandbox t make them somewhat more common, maybe even guaranteeing their presence on a world map.


I've been poking around in the .lua scripts for worldgen and the scripts folder in general but can't find any mention of hound mounds except in the prefab list, let alone a script that seems to control their placement.


Any hints as to where to look would be appreciated. If I need to tailor a function to increase their likelihood of spawning that's great, if I instead need to add a bunch of prefab rooms I could try that but I suspect it's potentially just a matter of putting in a few lines of code. Probably a foolishly naive hope.


Thanks for reading!

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I only see one for hounds, and that doesn't do much for hound mounds as far as my tests have shown (generated five worlds on each setting, revealed full map, no hound mounds anywhere). Is it in Reign of Giants, or is my version just horribly out of date? I've had bad luck with the updater before but this'd be a new kind of screwup on my part.

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