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Welcome!:) A few more ores would be nice but, I wouldn't want them to just be better versions of each other. I would much prefer them to be unique things like the spike weapon verses just a better spear.

Yes. I don't want a "better weapon" progression line like in Minecraft. You know, Wooden Sword => Stone Sword => Iron Sword, ect. That's just boring and predictable. Rather I would want new type sof weapons. For example, a bow and arrows would give us the ability to attack opponents at range, where currently the blow dart only puts them to sleep. Or maybe a chainsword that cuts enemies and trees just as effeciently.

As for ores, I support finding iron ore... in undeground caverns. I also support finding coal, also in underground caverns, that could be used to super-heat iron ore and create molten steel, which through a stone crucible could form new steel weapons/tools. I like this idea only because it requires two resources just to create steel. A change from the simpler "find flint" => "craft /w flint" approach.

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