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My opinion on everything I've experienced so far.

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My feedback so far:

Spring: This season is definitely pretty cool. I haven't completely understood what would happen if my wetness meter became full since it never managed to and besides the huge sanity loss when you're carrying lots of wet items I'm not sure if using wet items makes them less effective or something. I haven't been looking at other threads yet since I would like to experience everything myself first. The lack of bunnies and the fact that I also had to get a rain coat definitely made food a bit of a bigger issue than usual. But then again, everything has been a bigger issue so far which I like, I felt like I was trying to survive which I haven't felt in a long time but this is all early game. I'm hoping that the game will stay just as difficult or at least pretty difficult even in late game.
Summer: Didn't make it very far in this season at all since I completely forgot to prepare for it so I didn't have any way to stop myself from getting hot besides endothermic lights which I couldn't really afford to keep carrying around me constantly so I quit the game and started a new one since I know I'm not going to make it. The little I've seen from it, I definitely like it, cool atmosphere and ambiance so yeah, pretty cool as well. Can't really comment on the balance since I didn't survive long enough to formulate an opinion. (I still get hot even in the caves btw, is this intended?)
New biomes: So far they are both really nice looking. The "desert" looking one with all the hounds definitely has a nice feeling to it but I'm not sure of the amount of hound mounds in it is balanced. There are so many of them close to each other that I really don't know how you would handle it besides bringing Deerclops along. But I'm not sure. The other biome, besides being pretty empty which I'm sure will change was also really nice and it might be the place I start setting up camp at just because it looks really nice.
Maxwell biomes: While it is very nice to see these it does make it really easy to get an icebox (something which I didn't think I would complain about since I hated looking for the Wooden Thing to get gears) thanks to the amount of them placed in the world. I was able to upgrade WX 3 times already on day 3 so these definitely need to be toned down a bit imo. Either less of the actual biome or only one chess piece per biome.
Frog Rain: When this happened I really thought it was going to be a huge issue since frog rain in adventure mode was so annoying with the huge amount of frogs that would show up. They weren't a huge issue to deal with besides accidentally aggroing one or two hiding behind trees or grass at times. They did manage to kill 3 previously damaged beefalos though which was not a nice sight to say the least. Overall I think it's cool that this is sandbox though since I think it is fairly well balanced, just have to be prepared for it a bit next time.
The full moon allowing you to travel at night without torch light was pretty awesome, definitely cool looking and nice to see the full moon having a clearly noticeable difference from the other cycles.
Overall opinion: I'm really satisfied by what I have seen so far and the fact that the game already feels better even with the DLC being in beta with not much balance definitely speaks for itself and I can't wait till more content is added to the DLC. So so far it's awesome.

(I will probably add more to this as I discover more and more just wanted to give some feedback since it might be a while before I experience completely everything)
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