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  1. why would someone hate you because you said xbox? this isn't youtube.
  2. yeah speculation. but assuming how something is going to work before it even comes out is just ya know pointless. like saying how giants should behave way before they were implemented. all I'm saying is before we can say how a certain mechanic in mp works we have to wait to see what mechanic is chosen. makes sense?
  3. wait hold up a minute.......................... multiplayer isn't even out yet... how can you make a suggestion or even talk about something that even the devs haven't figured what they are going to do yet??? there is no telling how everything in multiplayer will be played out. can you just wait to see whats what? and this reply is not just for you but for everyone. we have to wait to see the official mp rules first.
  4. would be awesome if we can secretly join a groups game as a giant!!!!
  5. I actually like the idea although I'm not sure how it would work..... if i play multi player we all share one world right? so if i log off, the other three could just build, chop, burn down things while I'm not there? and what about death? is it still perma death? sounds fun though if you want to just play with friends and such. but my single player game will always be # 1.
  6. sounds pretty cool and in winter it ices over so you can walk over it maybe? in spring with all the rain some new type of toads or other mob could be attracted to it.
  7. i just stay away from my base altogether. bring snow chester with me, from all the food i harvested during springs amazing growth rate, with farms. unless the stupid frog rain takes over your base.
  8. cave song is awesome i 2nd this spring songs are by far the best. but i have a soft spot for winter working song. it just fits winter so well
  9. nice island great place to store precious things that giants or fire hounds can't get to
  10. whats the reward for killing a tougher giant? i haven't run into them yet so I'm not sure how easy they are or whatever. i don't think deer clops needs any buffing tho.
  11. no i mean the guy that claimed you didn't read it lol
  12. guess we see who actually didn't read threads before posting
  13. well basically what i want is special creatures and mobs for each season, like the mactusk, ice hound, snowbirds that winter has. something special and unique to spring and summer besides the giants would be a nice touch.
  14. and are the hounds supposed to be the wolfs that comes over and huffs and puffs and blow your house down?