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Update pleased. I enjoyed. The massacre led me to one thought. When conventional generation can I find mechanical rook. It will break trees and boulders. Then I will not need any ax or pick, or swine workers. But this is a cheat. Is not it?



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I wouldn't consider it a cheat, the hole idea of the game is to find the most sufficient ways to EXPLOIT the environment....and that looks like what is being done...cheating is altering the code in a manner to which it unbalances a game...I don't think the mods even do that, but I'm a noob and haven't used any mods, still waiting till next pay day to purchase PC version...

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The way you talk reminds me of Wolfgang.


New friends!  Happy dance party with bugs and horsey!  But it get too hot when fishmen and Big Bird come to bust a groove.  Nice meat appears to feed my mighty belly, hooray!

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