[Bug] [HUD] - Rare HUD bug when specific steps are completed


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Last night i re-did the NG+ missions that are not fully completed - scroll wise - and encountered a rare bug.

Tried to PrtScn it, but unfortunately forgot that Steam has F12 for screenshot - so the original printscreen was white


These are the steps i followed :

1. Thrown Fungal on enemy - one died - one was shocked

2. Was stalking him until i could do an air kill on him

3. The moment i did the air kill animation ( jumping on him and buttons appeared on-screen ) he died by fungus


After this , my HUD had the ( Down + X ) kill icon until i died.

I tried pressing the buttons even if didn't had a target, but they didn't do "anything special" .

So in my point of view this is mostly a HUD bug - and not a functionality one.


It's true that the timing must be perfect, i didn't plan for this thing.

But will try to redo it the moment i arrive home , and capture it with something.


Think this can be done with a more easily approach - jump enemy the moment he's about to die by other means - but these we're the steps i had done.


Don't really expect a fix for this minor-rare-ninja-like bug ; t'was just a heads-up !



Have a awesome day!





PS : Do Mark of Ninja 2 !

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Hi Wade,


Thanks for the reply.

Alas, this is not a major issue since doesn't break functionality, but I will try to reproduce it so you can have 'visual' steps.






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