Whats the latest about the don´t starve PS Vita Version?

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Hi there,


after the PS4 release I read a lot about a possible PS Vita port of "don´t starve". But it´s been kinda silent since then. Does anyone have an update on this?


Will there be a Vita release? (Is there a rough release windows known?)


If not, please reconsider making this! I really love "don´t starve", and it would love to see it native on Vita. Long travels and trips would become so much more enjoyable.


Thanks for any update!

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Well you can of course play the ps4 version on the vita via remote play - which means you need to turn and leave your ps4 on for the whole time, plus your vita would need to have continous stable and fast internet connection.


This is not ideal if you are traveling - there is seldom internet on a plane, and I never experienced a fast connection on a plane at all. And the 3G / LTE connection while traveling by trains is very unstable and slow...


Plus if you play via remote play, all shiny graphics are scaled from 1080 to the reduced vita resolution, resulting in unreadable texts...


Those two issues would be my main reasons why i would love to see a native vita version. But i guess as the vita is not the most common plattform... At least Minecraft will be coming to Vita soon... And this will push vita sales!

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