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Burnable Chests


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I'm trying to make a small mod that simply allows chests to be ignitable as well as being able to catch fire and propagate said fire.


"Why" might you ask?  Well, I like the trash can mod that was uploaded, but for some reason it glitches a little for me and sometimes crashes my game.  Not to mention, I'm not a fan of having sixteen followers.  I almost never find Chester anymore - for one reason or another and probably because of one of the crazy amount of mods I'm running - but I have Waldo because he's funny and that's pretty much enough for me.


Instead, I'd love the ability to set treasurechests - particularly the player built ones, or simply all wooden ones in general - to be able to be set alight and for all objects within to drop as ashes - excepting, of course, the irreplaceable ones, like Lucy, which should just drop.  This would allow chests to be used as trash cans for a bunch of junk that you just don't want to see anymore.  Craft a chest, throw everything you want incinerated inside, and use your torch.  It'd be awesome.


Now, I've tried simply adding the        


into my code.  I don't think I'm doing it right, but that's because I'm not sure how to call on a specific chest within a prefab.  There are four chests listed in the treasurechest.lua prefab.  I only want one of them to be ignitable/burnable.  I also realize that, if something is burnable, it needs some sort of timeline for when it extinguishes, but I'm not sure if that's built into those commands.  Anyway, what I have so far is this:

function BurningChestsPostInit( inst )  if bank == "treasure_chest" then	MakeLargeBurnable(inst)	MakeSmallPropagator(inst)    inst.components.burnable:SetOnIgniteFn(OnIgnite)  endAddPrefabPostInit("treasurechest", BurningChestsPostInit)end

So tell me what I'm doing wrong please.  I don't know this coding language and, so far, I'm sort of frankensteining codes together to figure out how things work.  It's progressing me in my understanding, but I lack the basics still.


Thanks in advance for any help you may be.  :-)

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You have nested logic operators.


function BurningChestsPostInit( inst )
  if bank == "treasure_chest" then
AddPrefabPostInit("treasurechest", BurningChestsPostInit)


Although I'm not sure where the variable bank is being defined. And I don't see an OnIgnite function either.

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Yes, I had an OnIgnite function, but I managed to leave it out somewhere in my editing and forgot to put it back in.  Thank you for pointing that out.  By the way, I really like your RPG Items mod.  :)


1.  What is this nested logic operator that you're talking about?  I don't understand this language, and I'm trying to figure it out by myself through simple trial and error.


2.  The variable "bank" isn't defined by me.  I'm not sure how, in a prefab that has multiple chests (data/scripts/prefabs/treasurechest.lua), to select just one of those treasure chests.  I don't want ornate chests, for instance, being burnable.  I do want regular treasure chests to be burnable and ignitable.  So, I'm going to try adding the OnIgnite function and I'll let you know of the results.

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local require = GLOBAL.requirelocal SpawnPrefab = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefabfunction treasurechestPostInit( inst )    local chests = {        treasure_chest = {            bank="chest",            build="treasure_chest",            }        }    MakeLargeBurnable(inst)    MakeSmallPropagator(inst)    inst.components.burnable:SetOnIgniteFn(OnIgnite)endAddPrefabPostInit("treaasure_chest", treasurechestPostInit)

Alright, so I did this in my modmain.lua.  This is all there is.  It doesn't crash the game (which is a huge step for me, :)), but it doesn't do anything.  I pulled the code for the chest directly from treasurechest.lua.  I figured if I gave the game its own code back and just added in my changes it would have no problems.  Apparently it doesn't, but again, it doesn't do anything.



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