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  1. Is this abandoned? I loved this mod. It made quite a few things in the game more useable... I'm also getting the obsidian workbench error. scripts/mainfunctions.lua(849,1) ...4FEB2016/data/scripts/prefabs/obsidian_workbench.lua:91: variable 'prefabs' is not declared LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C]:-1 in (global) error (C) <-1--1> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/strict.lua:23 in () ? (Lua) <21-26> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/prefabs/obsidian_workbench.lua:91 in (local) fn (main) <0-0> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/mainfunctions.lua:76 in (global) LoadPrefabFile (Lua) <68-88> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:167 in (upvalue) LoadAssets (Lua) <94-188> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1184 in (upvalue) LoadSlot (Lua) <1180-1207> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1250 in (upvalue) DoResetAction (Lua) <1213-1274> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1285 in (local) complete_callback (Lua) <1277-1286> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/upsell.lua:27 in (global) UpdateGamePurchasedState (Lua) <11-30> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/gamelogic.lua:1290 in () ? (Lua) <1288-1291> =[C]:-1 in (method) SetPersistentString (C) <-1--1> H:/Games/Don't Starve 4FEB2016/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:104 in (method) Save (Lua) <94-106>
  2. Does this mod work? I managed to spend all the materials to create absolutely nothing...
  3. Any possibility of an update? Does it need one?
  4. I think for this one, a hat slot in his inventory would be nice. That way the player could equip or unequp the hat directly.
  5. First, I want to report a bug: The game crashes for me when I attempt to open his inventory. Not sure why, might be a clash with another mod because I've seen it work before but now, without fail, it crashes every time. I don't feel like troubleshooting too much, but I figured I should mention it. Another request I have is, apparently Waldo is noted for picking up everything. I think it would be awesome if this was true. He doesn't, in my mod version, pick up manure, guano, lightbulbs, harvest lightbulbs, thelucite, gems of any kind... etc. If this is by design, then might I ask how I would change the mod to incorporate those things? As well, if you could find a way to make a menu that could be opened somewhere in game to configure what Waldo will pick up, I think that would be awesome and ideal. Other than that, Waldo is doing great. Oh, one more thing: I lost Waldo at one point, so I crafted another one of his eyebones. After that, I found the other in my inventory (in a bag I hadn't realized I had). Waldo stopped following me and started to act like other splemonkeys, minus the harassment and attempt to steal. He just roamed around in relatively the same area. As well, I had put Chester's eye bone in his inventory (when I had that part of the mod working). So I lost Chester to the wandering Waldo as well. Crazy game, but I think there should somehow be a limit on the eyebone crafting, a map marker for his eyebone if it gets dropped, and no way to lose Waldo if one wanders too far or he gets stuck. Teleporting him just off screen of the player, for instance, might be a way to resolve the issue. If I knew how to mod (and I can on other games but this modding language confuses me), I would simply send you a version with these additions to see what you think. Since I don't, I have to write this tl message which will probably end with dr. Regardless, there's some feedback. Thank you for the awesome mod. I like Waldo quite a bit already.
  6. Well, i have my young beefalo. Not sure what he's good for at this point in his adventure, but there he is. No game crashes as of yet and, until I read the other comment, I wasn't sure how to get (or how I got) the young beefalo horn. I know on another playthrough I got it off the deerclops, but otherwise I wasn't sure. One question though: does he just take time to grow, or can you just feed him enough of whatever he eats to make him grow faster? Thank you for your work.
  7. Are there any special recipes for the new trunks? What do they count as?