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Wut?! Not fair!


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(Sorry, I wanted to post an image, but unfortunately I can't. Are there any sites I can upload my images on so I don't have to pay and there isn't a 30 days trial? imageshack now has a trial :( )


Why is there a limit to the downloading during one day? What if I want a lot of mods to download? It's so unfair! I really want some and it doesn't let me to :(


Is there any particular reason for it? Does it cost a lot of money or something? Idk this downloading system...

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you can upload an image to your post which would be the easiest... or you can upload to imgur (completely free and you don't need an account)


as for the whole limit of downloads a day I've never encountered that problem at all! mostly because I use the steam workshop xD

so I don't know how to help you out there

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