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[Character Mod] Play As MrGmview


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mrgmview.zip       Version 1.5.1 Updated 3/17/2014


This mod lets you play as Mrgmview.

The mod is both Main Game and Reign Of Giants DLC compatible.


All of the stat's and abilities are inspired by the Youtuber MrGmview


Mrgmview Is well learned, as such he is not afraid of the dark or the rain but he knows the true nature of monster and thus will lose extra sanity from them.


Mrgmview beard is rivaled only by Wilson's, it is just as warm in the winter and he refuses to shave it.


Mrgmview hits harder than most characters but is weak in the winter. He is slower than most characters, he moves a little slower and attacks a little slower but as such has a lower metabolism.


Mrgmview is a good cook, everything he cooks has an additional +3 health boost. Although he is a good cook, he is a picky eater and will not eat any raw food or monster meat.


Most importantly Mrgmview gets nervous when he is not wearing a hat and as such he will lose sanity whenever he does not have some sort of hat on his head.


Mgmview loves his hats and he is able to make his own hat "Mr Hat" this hat is his signature hat from the profile art, this hat gives a slight speed boost,  is warm, dapper, armored, and unbreakable.  Mr Hat's soothing voice will pacify animals more birds will flock to MrGmview and even the most aggressive of beefalo in heat will remain calm to his presence. In the DLC Reign Of Giants Mr Hat keeps you cool in the summer like the beefalo hat keeps you warm in the winter and it is a little water proof like most of the other hats.


The 8'' Henckel French Chef's Knife is MrGmviews trusty knife, he has worked with a knife for many years and is control it with speed and precision as such he can attack quicker with this weapon. Being only 8'', the knife is shorter than most weapons. The valued knife is sharp enough to cut through anything, including trees. The knifes thought handle makes it indestructible and will make short work of those pesky structures, like the Guardian's Horn from which it was crafted.


MrGmview had spent a considerable time in Japan. From his time there he learn how to craft the lightest of Samaria Armor. With his structural knowledge, the magic of the Krampus's Sack, and the ruggedness of the Giants Hide he is able to make an indestructible armor backpack combo Samaria Field Armor  capable of increasing his maneuverability and warmth in the winter slightly. In the DLC the Reign Of Giants the thick Giants Hide makes the armor waterproof like the Rain Coat.


Detailed Stats:

                Hp: 175

                Hunger: 125

                Sanity: 200

                Speed: 85% Of Wilson's.

                Attack Speed: 80% Of Wilson's

                Damage: 125% Of Wilson's & 90% Of Wilson's In Winter.

                Metabolism: 75% Of Wilson's.

                Sanity Drain From Monsters: 275% Of Wilson's .




Added Items:

Raw Giants Hide

                80% Drop From Deerclops.

                 In The Reign Of Giants DLC it will be a 50% drop from all giants.

                 Ingredient In Samaria Filed Armor.




Needle Of Power

                Recipe:  1 Walrus Tusk, 1 Purple Gem, And 5 Gold Nuggets.

                Ingredient To The Tools Of The Hatter.




Dark Binding Thread

                Recipe:  1 Living Log, 10 Silk, And 5 Nightmare Fuel.

                Ingredient To The Tools Of The Hatter.




Tools Of The Hatter

                Recipe:  1 Dark Binding Thread, 1 Needle Of Power.

                Ingredient To The Mr Hat.




Mr Hat

                Recipe: 1Tophat, 1 Tam O' Shanter, 1 Beffalo Hat, 1 Football Helmet, 1 Tools Of The Hatter.

                125% Speed Boost.

                Tier 3 Warming Winter Insulation.

                In The Reign Of Giants DLC Tier 3 Cooling Summer Insulation (like a summer beefalo hat).

                Tier 4 Dapperness.

                Same Armor As Football Helmet.

                Can Talk.




Samaria Field Armor

                Recipe: 1 Krampus Sack, 1 Deerclops Hide, 1 Thulecite Armor.

                110% Speed Boost.

                Tier 1 Warming.

                Tier 2 Dapperness.

                In The Reign Of Giants DLC it will be as water proof as the Rain Coat.

                Same Armor As Log Suit.

                Integrated Krampus Sack Backpack Equivalent.




8'' Henckel French Chef's Knife

                Recipe: 1Garidean's Horn, 1 Dark Sword, 6 Marble.

                125% Speed Boost.

                112.5% Dark Sword Damage.

                Shorter Weapon.

                Attack Speed: 100% Of Wilson's

                Can Chop, 150% Axe Chop Speed.

                Can Hammer.

                Can Talk.





There is a bug where "Mr Hat" and the " Tools Of The Hatter" show up as something else in the crafting menu but they work fine and all the other images work fine.


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