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A lil' contest.


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Ladies, Gentlemen, and others, I offer you a chance to help with the super-fantabulous mod that is Old William with this neato contest! It's very simple...




Draw a nice picture of The King of Lies.

That's it! just draw a nice picture of The King of Lies! Make it look like someone scribbled it - like one of those crazy people in the movies who re being haunted by ghost so they have the creepy pictures and stuff on their walls!



The King of Lies has to be smiling if you can see his mask.

Has to be wearing his mask, and his hood up.

Do not put King of Lies anywhere on the picture. His real name is unknown. Just put "???" Along with other scribbled sentences like "He Lies" or something.

Must fit in the template I've provided below. Get rid of the outline, please!



That's it!

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Just to clarify, what exactly is his mouth? This may sound ignorant, but I'm not sure if he is wearing something over his smile of if that's just how it is.

While it is a mask, it still moved with his mouth.

This is his real face, but I would still like him to be masked in the picture.


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