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[MOD HELP] Unknown NPC error


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Hey! I made this mod Smiley The Stick Man and I was trying to make an update for him with an added NPC that attacks every 10-20 days to help make smiley's super hard to make baseball cap of infinite power!


but I have a couple of problems...

I have never made an NPC before and don't know my way around a stategraph at all... they are all super long and super confusing! (mr. tiddles made the stategraph and brain for angry)


and right now when I go into my world all ready to spawn in angry the stick man so I can fight him and see how he works... the game crashes and turns itself off.... and I have no idea what I did wrong!



Here is my smiley mod (with angry in it) so whoever helps me out can see what's wrong inside!



MANY MANY MANY MANY Thanks in advanced for whoever helps me out!!!!!!

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