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Hello every one,


I have some ideas for this game. I talk to my friend about it and they find them great.

My idea is the possibility to build a boat to go on island, may be fight some monsters from the sea, to fish, to discover some differents environnements and locals etc... (may be the undersea with diving suit, same idea with what they did with the cave)

Create some montains to find new ressources, animals, weather, rocks etc...

A big thanks to the Klei team for their answer to my e-mail, that's really great :)


I hope that the players will like these ideas


I'm sorry for my english, I'm french :)


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(Time to show off my French-as second-language-ness.)

(Pardonez-moi pour ma grammaire mal, anglais est ma langue premier)

Don't starve a eu un dessin d'un bateau dans les dossiers en le bêta, mais nous ne savons pas si ils vont applique ça dans l'avenir

Dans le respect de ta idée, tu as beaucoup de soutien, puisque les autres nombreux (moi inclure,) a pense de le chose même. Optimistement, ils vont écouter nous bientôt.

Encore si ils n'écoute pas, il peut encore être faire dans un modification. :p

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Ugh, I can understand french, but can't speak or read it to save my skin. The way language is taught in the USA is downright shameful and outdated--we learn to speak french from the 1900s and has little use among the more modern populace of France. 


Rant aside, I am all for boats, but I believe it was mentioned a while back that the developers considered an idea, but later shot it down.

It makes sense though--you're on an island, restricted and memorized by the constant rocking of the waves, it's only logical you would want to build a boat once everything else has been said and done.


Perhaps some snazy pirate-styled adventure DLC can be added in the future were the player has to live out at sea surviving storms, eating seaweed/fish, boiling salt water for fresh, killing boss monsters etc.

The DLC could end when the player survives long enough to find a new island.


The boat could be upgraded too, depending how many voyages yo have made! Oh, greatest Klei, make this happen! (Or mods..mods are sweet.)

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