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Crashes and Bugs in Mac OSX 10.9.1

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indesertum    0

My system specs are


OSX 10.9.1

3.5 ghz i7-4771

8 gb ram

nvidia gtx 780m 4gb


For about two days now the game wouldn't open. It would crash immediately and a prompt would come up asking if i wanted to report the crash or reopen


it suddenly worked this morning. but during the game my checkpoints would be reset to places right next to stalkers and i would die immediately. upon trying to get out several times the game level reset.


just wanted to give you guys a heads up

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Wade    309

Thanks for letting us know.


I'll take a look into the functionality on 10.9.1. I know there were some issues due to Apple changes to OpenGL support, but I thought we had them addressed on our side.

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