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[Character Concept] Wasabi - The Ninja

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frisch    19


Wasabi is a ninja like looking character (see attachment, i suck at drawing). His strength are stealth and speed but he lacks in durability.



Hunger: 110

Health: 80

Sanity: 150

Run Speed: 1.2

Attack Damage: 1.1



Likes to be hidden:

While at night when other characters would lose sanity faster (when it's getting very dark), Wasabi's sanity regenerates. Works too with wearing a bush hat. He can still be attacked by charlie so be careful when you play the hiding game.


When in bright places or on daylight his Run Speed becomes 1.3 times from normal.


Does not like open fights:

Sanity drain from monsters increased so you should use him as hit-and-run.


Weapon Master:

Crafted Weapons (Nightmare Sword, Spear) do 1.1 times more damage additional to his normal 1.1 attack damage.


[unique Item]

Cloak of Shadows:

Armor Slot (no damage reduction). Makes him invisible to any living creatures while wearing the cloak. When attacking the cloak automatically unequips. While wearing the cloak his hunger rate is 1.2 times faster.


Animation: When wearing the Cloak, his body could become invisible and only the head is seen.


[Thank You]

Thank you for reading. If anyone would be able to do this i'd be pretty happy. I tried making a character once but i got frustrated in creating the graphics for the character so i stopped completely... 


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