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  1. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    Hey Tiddles can you add this one to the steam workshop too?
  2. Beatrice

    Hey mouse are you going to add this to the steam workshop?
  3. Mario Alpha

    There should be a special effect upon eating a mushroom. Like the red one makes him grow and hit harder, the green one makes him fast and the blue one makes him xxx (not sure which effect it should have). But the shroom values should not be modified so green still drains sanity and red hurts him and so on. also the effects should be lost after 1-2 days and eating cooked shrooms should have no effect.
  4. Season Clock

    Yeah i noticed i need that this mod is compatible to RPG HUD waiting for an update my friend.
  5. Super Mushroom Brothers

    But you know if you would add like a sanity loss of 15 when eating the mushrooms, it would be balanced
  6. Questastic!

    damn u now the compass has an actual use
  7. Questastic!

    I really love the latest version. I like the reward system a lot, only problem i have here is the quests might be a little bit unclear sometimes. For example "go on gnome hunt" what gnomes? Also directional quests are kind of hard since the player don't know where north is when he rotated the camera. Edit: Just a heads up, it works with RoG. Only problem is, sometimes the quests are newly generated even tho one is already active. It would be neat to make it so that left click checks the current quest and right click creates a new quest and the quest reroll only works once a day. Or maybe make a craftable quest ticket for 1 gold and 1 papyrus. Giving that to the giver creates a new quest.
  8. Beatrice

    I wasn't complaining, i just said that this would be nice as in it would be really helpful. Let's say you get a car to drive around every day, then someone says to you "hey we made another car we can give you, it's the same as yours but with some modification" and they are not telling you which modifications You'd be like *i wonder what they modified* and suddenly while driving you notice that your breaks are missing.
  9. Better Moon

    You know what would be really helpful? 2 more moon icons next to the main icon. Like on the top right you get a small moon (yesterdays state), todays state (normal like it is already in the game) and another small moon (tomorrows state) so that you can see what moon type you will get tomorrow. Not sure if this is possible to implement tho.
  10. You Are Being Hunted!

    Oh wow this looks awesome. I wonder what rewards you will get once you killed one of those bosses. I am looking forward to playing this mod tiddles. Keep up the great work.
  11. Beatrice

    If you update the file, changelogs would be really nice.
  12. Working signposts

    Hey does this still work with the latest RoG version?
  13. Questastic!

    i really hope to see that this thing will be actually quests with rewards. that would be neat.
  14. Beatrice

    I really like this char. Some balancing suggestions: make her take 10%-20% less damage because of the honey comb hardness in her body. reduce the maximum bees that spread out of her when being attacked to 4-6. Reduce the hunger value of honey, right now you only need 1 bee box and you got enough food for the whole game. Or maybe increase her fullness to 200 and make her hunger rate drain faster (because she needs to feed the bees inside her).
  15. Questastic!

    Oh wow this has potential. Hopefully this mod gets a lot of additions and finetuning as in "the later you are into the game the harder the quest will get" and such.
  16. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    He should have armguards as tools and weapons separated. And maybe some special when left in the dark like he slowly heals himself when it's night. Also when chopping trees the follower pigs don't help you.
  17. Wisp, Wynter and Wei.

    yeah this. you should name your files "Wisp [version].rar". Also do i get this right that the char can eat any meat without health or sanity loss?
  18. Fixed Tooth Traps

    Oh my thanks, i hate it when i have to lure the hounds 2-3 times to actually have them killed by my traps...
  19. Weston the Wandering Cactus

    Nice char and sounds balanced to me.
  20. Action Queue

    Thank you simplex. Gonna report if i find any errors.
  21. Action Queue

    Right-Click dragging a rectangle over tooth traps will refresh the ones that has been activated but the ones that are already waiting for it's prey are going to get picked up. May you be able to allow the character to only pick up things on left click?
  22. Action Queue

    Bug Reports for version 1.1.1: - Character starts moving while you are creating the selection rectangle - Shift+Click does not work anymore for stuff like chopping wood, you can use shift+rightclick tho (careful when having a shovel equipped)
  23. Action Queue

    Amazing simplex the shift-click enqueue option is just what i wanted. Next step we gotta need a crafting queue This is rather hard to implement i guess since the selection grid is shaped like a diamond and set on a specific view, the world is shaped like a diamond. Tho i guess with the shift+click mechanic, there could be single steps added to the queue but then i think this would only be good if the actual queue is only executed after you release the shift button.
  24. Minimap HUD

    Now that we are able to zoom in on the minimap, is there a way to further increase the zoom?