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Idea for mod: Thulecite Mines

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Okay, you know the Ancient Guardian in the Ruins? It guards a treasure chest. New idea: It now guards the entrance to the Thulecite Mines.

The Thulecite mines have the same layout as the caves, except it is always daytime instead of always nighttime. Why? Because instead of being surrounded by pits, you are surrounded by lava! This also means you can build Pig Houses in the Thulecite Mines with no unexpected difficulties.

There are no nightmare lights, but maybe a handful of nightmare fissures, just like in the caves. Mobs include Spleumonkeys, Rock Lobsters, Slurtle/Snurtle mounds, all 3 varieties of spider, Broken Clockwork Soldiers, and Ancient Guardians. Ancient Guardians would be tracked in the Thulecite Mines in the same way that Koalefants are tracked on the surface. No native Pigs, and no native Bunnymen (can't stay awake during the daytime anyway). Nothing "grows" except for Cave Banannas and Cave Lichen, although just like in the Caves or Ruins, if you plant something it will in fact grow. There need to be eel ponds too, because otherwise you couldn't establish a base in the Thulecite Mines.

No Hounds, no Depths Worms. Instead, Salamanders. These guys behave similarly to hounds, except they are ALWAYS ON FIRE, which hurts you, obviously. This also means that they are immune to both fire and ice, and they set fire to ANYTHING FLAMMABLE AND NEARBY, meaning that fighting them near your base or any transplanted plants is suicidal. Salamanders have no more hit points than a Red or Blue Hound, maybe less. They move as quickly as a hound, but behave as viciously as a Jumping Spider that is aware of its prey, because Salamanders are always aware of their prey. This means no barking, no running around in circles, only determined, high speed pursuit of the player, leading up to a screech-and-leap attack.

    Salamanders drop 1 Hot Lava, one Cooked Monster Meat, and have a 25% chance of dropping one Orange Gem, Yellow Gem, or Green Gem.

    Around the ground there are Lava Bubbles. You can pop these open with a new tool called Oven Mitts. Oven Mitts require 2 Thulecite, 4 Bunny Puffs, and an Alchemy Engine in order to prototype. Popping one Lava Bubble takes away 5% of the Oven Mitts' durability. Once popped, a Lava Bubble will provide you with 1-2 Hot Lava and 1-2 Thulecite Fragments, plus a 25% chance of getting either one Orange Gem, Yellow Gem, or Green Gem.

    Hot Lava will fill your Lantern or Miner's Hat or Pumpkin Lantern up about 50% of the way. In order to pick Hot Lava up without getting burned (and hurt), you will need to have your Oven Mitts on. Hot Lava will expire just like food over a period of 2 days or less (but it is not edible, obviously). When Hot Lava does expire, it becomes Obsidian, not Rot. Directly opposite to food, Hot Lava decays faster when it is cold or in a refrigerator, and slower when it is hot. It will always be hot in the Thulecite Mines. 8 Obsidian can be combined with 4 Nightmare Fuel and 2 Living Logs to make an Obsidian Club, which summons tentacles just like the Thulecite Club, drives you insane just like the Dark Sword, is 3x more durable than the Thulecite Club, and 1.5x more deadly than the Dark Sword (not inlcuding tentacles).

    Once in a while, the Lava Bubbles will be replaced with small pools of lava that burn everything they touch. Then the small pools will become big pools. After a while the big pools will become small pools again, before being replaced by brand new Lava Bubbles. This can mirror the Nightmare Cycle, just think of the Lava Pools as similar in size to the diameter of a Nightmare Light's illumination (the pools can be bigger than that though).

    Friendly Mobs in the Thulecite Mines will use the sprite for that unused playable Devil character (Wortox, the old one where he is smiling. The newer snarling sprite will be used for combat only). They will live in Obsidian Caves. One Obsidian Cave will require 24 Obsidian, 4 Devil Horns, and 2 boards (wooden front door) and is prototyped at an Alchemy Engine. Devils will have an 87.5% chance of dropping one cooked meat and a 12.5% chance of dropping a Devil Horns (scalp intact). 1 Devil Horns can be combined with 2 Rope and 4 Nightmare Fuel in the Shadow Manipulator to make a Devil Horn Helmet, which increases damage by 50% while driving you insane. It is slightly less effective at protecting your head than a Snurtle Helmet. It also breaks somewhat easily, being roughly as durable as a Pigskin Helmet.

    Devils behave similarly to Pigs, expect they have different dialogue (more intelligent), sound effects (distorted electronic instruments, of course), and they do not run away from you unless they are kiting you. Devils never sleep and are immune to fire, making them the ultimate form of security. They are very susceptible to cold, requiring only one blast from the ice staff to freeze them for twice as long as normal. On the surface during winter, they will periodically stop what they are doing and shiver. If a heat source is nearby they will gather around it and stop shivering. Devils attack and kite 1.5x as quickly as pigs. Devils kite by crossing thir arms while bending their chin down towards their chest and closing their eyes, levitating across the ground while standing upright in the air. They attack by clawing/punching. They regenerate hit points 3x faster than pigs.

    If you want to get some Devils to follow you and help you out, you will need to feed them 1 Nightmare Fuel. They will not accept anything else, as they do not eat anything else. Devils will only attack you if you attack them, and they have no "werewolf phase". What's the drawback to Devils? Just like Pigs grant you sanity, Devils take it away! Surprisingly, killing a Devil is just as naughty as killing a Pig or a Bunny Man, so, watch out for Krampus.

    In addition to Lava Bubbles, there are Green, Yellow, and Orange Geodes you can mine for Green, Yellow, and Orange Gems, 2-3 apiece. Geodes do not replenish. Also, nonreplenishable Thulecite Rocks, similar to the plug that leads to the Ruins, will dot the landscape. Thulecite Rocks will give you 1 Thulecite and 2-3 Thulecite Fragments apiece. You'll need a pickaxe for Geodes and Thulecite Rocks. There should also be nonreplenishable Obsidian Geodes that offer 2-3 Obsidian apiece. There will still be Earthquakes identical to the ones from the Caves and Ruins.

    Resources you will need to bring with you include Papyrus (For Shadow Armor), Pigskin (For Ham Bats), Hound Teeth (For Sewing Kits), Bunny Puffs (For Oven Mitts), Living Logs (For Obsidian Clubs), and various transplanted plants such as saplings, grass, and trees. The main purpose of this mod will be to give you a replenishable supply of rare gems, Thulecite, Obsidian, Devil Horns, and Hot Lava. You can even get some Rhino Horns down here, since there should be trackable Ancient Guardians replacing Koalefants.

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