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[Character idea] ninja who loves her cat

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bubu2bubu    0

Hello, I have idea of character and want to share it. A talented ninja that love his cat and cat that loves to sleep on backpack.

I see this character in dont starve as he/she can do many things, but dont want to wake cat.

There can be ability like puting backpack on the ground for limit time till cat awake and start crying or even run away and hurt to death ninja by that.

Name can be like kenny style sound for example bubu and all story is only love :joyous: .


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Morgan17    1305

Uhhhhhh.....Is that photo the head? It looks like a headcrab, no offense,,,

Edit: It should be in Suggestions and Feedback. Unless there was a mod for Honey Booboo, or whatever the ninja-headcrab's name is, It's shouldn't be here.

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