Guy on a Beefalo

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I may be crazy, but guys: Beefalo saddles.

Heh. It reminded me of back when you could first put a saddle on pigs in Minecraft. Sure, you could ride them... but they just went wherever they wanted. :p

Of course riding beefalo has been suggested before, so you're not alone in your interest. However there was a split as to which was better, riding a beefalo or riding a tallbird. As we could steal tallbird eggs, the idea was that you could nuture/hatch it and raise a tallbird to be your mount.

For beefalo, I suggested that it would be nice to be able to strap a chest to their backs so they could become a pack animal. Then you would need some food source in your hand to lead them. Of course someone else suggested maybe the beefalo could be spooked and run off... in which case you would have to chase after them to get your inventory back. :)

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This sounds like an awesome idea!!! Maybe they could include Indians so we could break their guns on a stump, and maybe a lost baby??

And a COUGAR!!!


- - - Updated - - -

The more I think of this idea....the more I am in love with it!!!!

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