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  1. I bet if they renamed the board "Multiplayer: we're thinking about it." we'd still get suggestions
  2. does DS have modding capabilities? are there any mods out there?
  3. I think the easiest ammo solution for long ranged weapons would be to have a quiver (or your ranged weapon equivalent) on the back slot as the only place you can store ammo.
  4. Why must we be so exclusive? Can't we just let everyone grow a beard? honestly.
  5. I'm sure they understand the implications of multiplayer just as well as you or I do. Video games are, after all, their business. From what I see, they're focusing on getting a game out that is complete and working before they go and try something that would require a rewrite of nearly the entire game. And anyway, giving a previously single player game multiplayer capabilities isn't easy. They can't just snap their fingers and multiplayer all over the code. It's something this company has never done before and has no experience in. I'd much prefer they create and finish the wonderful single player experience that is Don't Starve before they go through the learning experience of multiplayer. However, given the addition of sandbox elements, I can see an online Don't Starve being very profitable and popular.
  6. Have you ever tried to catch a bee in a home made net made out of spider silk and twigs? It's tougher than you would imagine.
  7. Wayland the Smith is a pretty cool character. Just the fact that he's so tied to reality, but remains shrouded in myth. Fascinating, really.
  8. Oh, that gives me a really funny image of a pigman carrying a chest and following you around it's adorable, really
  9. I'd like to see a spider box similar to the bee box where you can farm silk would be nice!
  10. use the Q and E buttons to rotate your view so you can see them There should be no situation in which an item is completely obscured that being said, I agree. Once, in poor judgement, I put a chest behind my firepit and found out that when the fire is larger, it extends the hitbox (I don't know what else to call it) which covered my chest. While the ability to rotate is useful, it's a little disorientating so I just made a new chest and put it to the side.
  12. Something like that might work, but I think a combination of them would be the best. However, I don't think having something that outright kills you would be the best course of action. The game is, afterall, about not starving, so I believe something more on the side of destroying infrastructure (something similar to the gobbler, but more efficient). I wrote a thread about some of these things a few days ago called "Objective and Antagonization" if you want to read more about what I think.