Fire, only more interesting

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Fire, more specifically in regards of stone fire pits

How about instead of the current system in which certain items are just certain levels of fire output, grass gives a small amount and two logs gives a raging fire,

add a secondary value of time, so grass though it doesn't have much output fire wise it would grow quickly and logs will have lots of potential fire but takes time to start burning proper

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Well from a realism perspective, your idea has merit, however is there any gameplay merit? Do we need to vary how quickly the fire illuminates an area? Most of the time we're just sitting around the fire whiling away the night and waiting for morning. In other cases we're in danger and fighting off enemies. I know from past experience that being chased around a camp fire by a treeguard is vexing when it comes to managing a fire, and you don't always have the perfect resource. Logs being preferred for theur duration.

I'm just not sure there's a good reason to add this to the game...

That said, it's still an interesting idea.

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Welcome to the forums Azerai.

So you are suggesting something like...

Grass: Quick light, short duration.

Logs: Normal light, normal duration.

Charcoal: Slow light, long duration. I right? It surely is interesting, but as Mobius said, it doesn't really add to the game experience, except for a little more realism maybe?

Perhaps we can think of a reason this could also benefit us? A new mechanic to scare mobs or something like that?

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allies, such as the pigmen, or monkeymen. smoke signals might be an interesting way to call for help. not in the current version of the game, but later. also, winter is coming and we should have blankets anyways so... multipurpose items are great!

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