List of suggestions for playing styles/restrictions/goals

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I would like to suggest some playing styles for others to use to spice up their game. This post builds on previous posts by other people. In the game you can play with some restrictions or goals according to themes, or jobs if you will. Jobs can be mixed and matched to your taste.

For these food themed jobs, monsters can be killed in self defense or for materials needed for the job, like silk for bird traps, but their meat cannot be eaten unless you are a Hunter

The Gatherer

Only food source are berries, carrots, and mandrakes. No replanting and farming berry bushes. Flowers too are allowed, though I do not know if they actually help with hunger or health.

The Hunter

Only food source is meat from monsters that you have killed by your own hands/weapons. No use of traps for birds or rabbits.

The Farmer

Only food source is from vegetable farms. Food supply can be supplemented with berries/carrots, but only until self sufficiency with the farms.

The Beastmaster

Only food source is meat from animals killed by other animals, never by your own hands. A strong relationship with pigmen and treeguards must be formed as they will be your main killers.

The Trapper

Only food source is morsels from trapped birds or rabbits. No killing rabbits with weapons.

The Fisherman

Only food source is from fishing.

The Chef

Only food source is food cooked with crock pots. Ingredients can be anything. Food supply can be supplemented with berries/carrots, but only until self sufficiency with the crock pots.

For these goals to be achievable, they depend on the thing being finite, which may not be the case with later updates.

The Miner

Goal is to mine all rocks and pick up all flint lying around.

The Lumberjack

Goal is to cut down all trees.

The Monster Hunter

Goal is to kill all aggressive monsters, including spiders and spider nests, swamp monsters, werepigs, ghosts, aggroed treeguards, hounds, tallbirds, and frogs. Werepigs, hounds and treeguards might be infinite so only the ones on that appear on the map have to be killed, not the entire species killed off.

The Fashion Designer

Goal is to make at least one of every clothing/armor/hat.

The Gardener

Goal is to fill an entire island with flowers and only flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Anything else previously on the island must go go go.

This job may be extended so that the goal is to create one island each for flowers, grass, tress, berry bushes, and even mandrakes get their own island.

The Midas

All meat, except monster meat, must be given to the pig king for gold. OOH SHINY! Gold must never be used for constructing other things.

The Satellite Artist

Goal is to make a picture on the map, by placing down objects with icons shown on the map e.g. traps, planted resources.

The Monk

As in the FF monk class. All fighting is done with bare fists. Lack of armor like wood armor or football helmet is optional.

Just to be clear, I do not intend for these to be suggestions for steam achievements, just playing styles.

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:o there are some VERY ambitious and timeconsuming goals among these. For instance chopping all the trees is going to be a hell of alot of work, and ur gonna have a serious amount of mad as hell treeguards chasing u.

Watever floats ur boat. My playstyle usually is:

The Hoarder: Collect at least 1 full stack of EVERY resource in the game. Im currently hunting butterflies for butter. I have over 200 butterfly wings, but only 6 butter. Its gonna take some time :D

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