i got a dont starve cd key need offers


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sorry its a steam and it would be from inv trade wont sent first,,, not sure exactly how it works never traded anything but im pretty sure its not hard and i should be able to see what im getting at the time of the trade

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not sure how i would assure you i wouldnt back out of trade after you buy as gift to trade but im not willing to risk sending first either so i guess we both have the same trust issue there

I've already sold 2 steam keys and am currently playing on chrome. The reasons I've considered this trade is because 1) I was thinking of getting L4D1 (already have L4D2 and could get the complete pack) and 2) once DS comes out of Beta it should be bug-free/few compared to the Chrome version. The reasons I asked for you to go first are 1) you are/were a brand new member and can theoretically be anyone good or bad and 2) I thought you were offering a key for a digital copy (imo the copy-owner only should prove s/he has a copy first via trade screen, but the key should always be sent first since it's less tangible).

IF this is a digital steam copy, then there should be no problem trading both copies at the same time avoiding any trust issues scamming etc. I hope my point and thought-process has proven clear and helpful. Should you have a steam copy, I would be more than happy to do a straight trade.

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this means what in my situation? i should trust him more because he found the game before i did?

From a third person perspective, I would say it would be an improbable long con for a game that costs less than $10; why invest time being active in a forum for so long to scam a single person when you could attempt the same thing from the get-go? Though it offers no true credibility it's still easier to trust someone familiar. Regardless, the above is just me blabbering :)

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Hey i have these games below to trade for a Steam key

I will trade 1 or more games for the key (really any or all games here)

My steam acct is crazyhandsmcgee

PM me first if u wanna trade.


World of Goo




Half Life 2


Super Meat Boy

Max Payne

Max Payne 2

Nuclear Dawn

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yeah i just realy didnt see a point of the post. i wasent accusing anyoneof trying to con or whatever i do want l4d2 if you do buy the pack the the game is yours just let me know if your gonna do that. i got offers of other games and either way i will end up buying l4d2 before the sale ends 12/10 if i dont trade you for it

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