Chronicles of a Wilson - gameplay/fanfiction video


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Part let's play, part fanfiction, all Wilson.


Hey guys, I just wanted to try something alittle different so for fun I slapped this together.  Basically I'm just doing a run through the game and just commenting on the every day oddities of things in the form of journal entries from Wilson as he wanders through Don't Stave.  Slightly more time consuming than I thought but I hope you enjoy.

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Chronicles of a Wilson - Entry 2!


I'd really like to thank Craig_Perry and Unsound mind for collaborating and creating something that so stays true to the style of Don't Starve and for allowing me to incorporate it into my video.  It really adds something special to it.


If you like what you see go over and check them out here:


For those concerned that I just flipped past a bunch of the entries don't worry, I'll be putting them up and reading them as I come across situations involving them.

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Thanks!  I enjoyed making them and I appreciate you letting me put your pictures in there.  Entry 3 is behind right now because I've got quite a bit of family stuff to attend with Thanksgiving  so close but hopefully I can post it soon.

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