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Are new crops feasible in a mod?


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Is it possible to write a mod to add new crops. That being when random seeds are planted, they have a chance of growing a new vegetable, broccoli for example, on a farm plot. I haven't seen any new crop mods yet, so I'm curious if this is possible.


Does the modding API allow for new crops to grow on farm plots?

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Glancing over the components for grower.lua, growable.lua, harvester.lua and the prefabs for farmplot.lua, seeds.lua and especially veggies.lua should get you the info you need


spoiler: yes


Awesome thanks, my wife and I are just dipping our toes into modding Don't Starve. We walked through a couple tutorials successfully yesterday and had some fun playing around with an equippable. We came up with a couple ideas to slowly get our bearings, and adding some new crops is definitely going to help us dive right in.


Thanks for the list of scripts to check out. We'd have probably overlooked a few of those and I'm guessing there are some clues in there that'll speed things up for us significantly.


Hopefully we'll start publishing some mods before too long.

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Now THIS is just awesome.

Agreed! It's so sweet! Working on mods together as a couple!

Hee~! <3

I hope I get to work on something like this with my special girl, someday...

[dreamy sigh]


Best of luck to you and your wife. =)

And for future reference, the answer to "Can we do X in a mod?" is almost always "Yes, but it might not be easy." ;P

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