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i was thinking, we need a new madic device because there are only 3 items in it. it took a while for me to think this up but i got an idea. 'The sacrifice'. it is made up of 6 rocks, 6 planks and a gold nugget. it will do nothing once placed until you put an item you would dig up from a grave yard up into it. once you have done this a light will shine upon it with a heavenly sound. you are probably thinking 'well whats the point in that?' ill tell you right now. it will save your point so you don't have to wait untilt night time or after for it to auto-save. i have an idea for what it would look like but no way to show you so sorry. it was a bunch of rocks in a circle with planks stacked up like a tent and a gold nugget in the middle of it all. you could change the recepie as it is just an idea but then again you don't have to. :)


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Magic solution aside, I don't think this idea would work out too well. As you probably know, or don't, the idea of saving the game early has been bandied about recently. One of teh key issues is that if you are able to save, and return to that save as many times as you want (by quitting before another save) it gives you the opportunity to abuse it.

My suggestion is that players shouldn't need anything special to save, but rather that it be a quicksave on exit of the game. You quit, it saves, you return and it restores you exactly where you last left off. That way you can only save moving forward, never going back to an earlier save by quitting.

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