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  1. oops. it said the message didn't go through
  2. i never thought of that. thats a much better solution. - - - Updated - - - i never thought of that. thats a much better solution.
  3. i just got this from reading the coffee post and i suggest you go read it. there should be a drink meter aswell as a hunger and health one. you should be able to get water from the sea. sea water would be too salty so when you drink it you lose some thirst and gain some health. coffee is another but its already been mentioned. at the moment i can't think of anymore drinks but im sure other people can. just leave some drink ideas in the comments please. -T4Y13O
  4. i was thinking, we need a new madic device because there are only 3 items in it. it took a while for me to think this up but i got an idea. 'The sacrifice'. it is made up of 6 rocks, 6 planks and a gold nugget. it will do nothing once placed until you put an item you would dig up from a grave yard up into it. once you have done this a light will shine upon it with a heavenly sound. you are probably thinking 'well whats the point in that?' ill tell you right now. it will save your point so you don't have to wait untilt night time or after for it to auto-save. i have an idea for what it would look like but no way to show you so sorry. it was a bunch of rocks in a circle with planks stacked up like a tent and a gold nugget in the middle of it all. you could change the recepie as it is just an idea but then again you don't have to. -T4Y13O
  5. lol it is just me then because i just cant find food! its hard on my worlds. i look every where. hardly and rabbits carrots berries and i only have seeds to get when im lucky. odd :/ oh well
  6. is it just me or is it too easy to starve? it's probably just me but it would be nice to have more food variaties. the crock pot helps with that but i think we need more food like sugar stuff that would make you run faster for a few seconds that would also help a little with your hunger. at the moment i dont have any other ideas for food but other people might. if so just post in the reply section. thanks -T4Y13O
  7. the game has only just come out so don't complain about how good or bad this game is compared to others. its still being developed. if you would rather play something else you dont need to moan about it. oh btw fix up your grammar its hard to read and understand what you are saying.
  8. yea it probably is hard to put terrain elevation in but it still would be pretty cool. oh and also there should be duel weild so you can hold a torch and a spear. Not just in caves aswell
  9. I really like this idea and i would like to suggest that maybe when the land deteriates all the baddies become more common in those areas so players would have to be more careful and when the land comes back after time the bddies would still be there.
  10. this idea has been wondering around in my head for a while and i finally thought that this should be in the next update. there should be some caves, cliffs and various terrains instead of just 1 flat piece of land connecting to another. caves would come with bears and bats and you would need a torch to go in and when you go in the veiw changes to above his head and closer instead of at an angle and you would have to watch out for traps. when you would get to the end you would find a bear and you would either fight it or run away. when you kill the bear (if you choose to fight) it would drop various things and bear meat. it would drop fur so you could use it for magic and drop valuables for researching. for the various terrain you would be able to take fall damage if you drop from too high up. it would make the game more fun and you would have to be more careful where you tread! -T4Y13O (sorry if there are typos)
  11. I just had a randomly good idea. Imagine you are wandering around a massive empty area with only dead trees and branches and you find a pond or something of value. when you go to interact with it either nothing would happen or you take damage and the mirrage disapears and you see you have stumbled uppon a spiders nest or a beehive (if there are flowers around). But it could lead to something good too. (not sure what though) As most people think there should be more weapons and maybe more armour. there is a new update coming with blow darts in it but there could be more. such as a bow that would deal more damage than a spear or a bear trap (bears could be an idea too ). there could be stone armour as well or silk items. At the moment these are all the ideas i have and would be happy to see what is possable. -T4Y13O
  12. you should be able to fish in the sea but that would require bait such as worms that could be implimented into the game. you could also make a boat to fish in but if you go out to far you will be attacked by a swarm of sharks or a giant squid. you could also fish stuff out such as a treasure chest that has different loot in it every time and an old worn out boot. I hope you have the time to impliment these into the game as it would add more variety to the game. -T4Y13O