Character Idea: Waldo the young Adventurer!

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This is my second idea, so DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING PROFFESIONAL.





Nickname: The Kid Adventurer


Motto: "I do believe it's time for adventure!"



Starts with: Bush Hat, Beefalo Hat, Back-pack, Miner Hat, and 'Waldo's Spear'



Waldo's Spear



Waldo's Spear is a variation of the Spear, obviously. It has infinite uses, and deals 27 damage, and gives Waldo a speed boost in movement.




Any source of light lasts 1.5x longer.



Has an awkward kind of Arachnophobia, meaning Spiders, Spider Warriors, Spider Queens, Spitters, Cave Spiders, Dangling Depth Dwellers, Crawling Horrors all make him lose twice as much sanity. With Crawling Horrors draining it faster, they are even more of a threat. Even Spider Glands and Spider Nests drain his sanity, but only while holding it, or by it respectively. Spider Nests are the source of several Spiders, so being near one is very dangerous with his Arachnophobia.



*Note*: This Debuff was made to counter-act the amount of items Waldo starts with.





Sanity: 180


Health: 120


Hunger: 100


Melee Damage: 1.0x



Waldo is voiced by a 'Pan-flute'.


Waldo is pretty much a normal character with his quotes, other than with going crazy with any thing related or looking like a spider.




Possible Quotes:


Attacked by Charlie/Grue/Night Monster: I'm next!




 Spider: Eerk. I need to get from this thing.


 Spider (Sleeping): If I can just sneak by it...


 Spider (Dead): That's what I think of you, beast!


 Spider Warrior: They have guards!


 Spider Warrior (Sleeping): If it is just dumb enough...


Spider Warrior (Dead): Thank you! Thank you!


Spider Gland: I must be insane to hold this.


Cave Spider: I'm just glad it doesn't jump all over the place.


Spitter: No! No! No! Run! Run away! No!


Dangling Depth Dweller: I must admit, it's albino body is admirable, though it is terrifying.


Spider Den: I just might puke...what little I had...


Spider Queen: There's a BIG one?!






Turning Winter: Mother Nature is about to get nippy!


Freezing: Ouch! Ooh! Oh! Frostbite!


Battlecry: For glory!


Battlecry (Prey): Come 'ere!


Battlecry (Pig)- Come here, ya 'ol pig!


Battlecry (Spider)- F-For glory...I think...


Battlecry (Warrior Spider): For glory...and the good of the world!


Leaving combat: I believe that's it.


Leaving combat (Prey): Darn it. 2.5 seconds too late.


Leaving combat (Pig): Alas, we could have been such great friends...


Leaving combat (Spider): Nopenopenopenope!


Leaving combat (Spider Warrior): Nononononononope!


Dusk: Already? I was on a roll!


Entering light: I went into the light!


Entering darkness: Uh-oh.


Doing things in the dark: Am I doing this right?


Failed to do something: I can't do that.


Failed to craft something; I don't have all of those.


Trying to sleep during the day: I cannot be compelled to do this.


Trying to sleep when too hungry: Forget it. My tummy disagrees.


Trying to sleep near monsters: Monsters might gobble me up if I do that!


Hounds are coming: I hear something out there...uh-oh.


Deerclops is coming: Whatever it is, it's approaching...


Inventory full: My inventory is full. It had to happen eventually.


Eating: Om nom nom! Yummy!


Eating (spoiled food): Just like my Aunt Ielk's dinner!


Eating (stale food): The after-taste left a foul sting.


Eating (painful food): OWCH! Well, that was not smart.


Hungry: I'm so hungry, I could eat a spider...almost...


Earthquake: Okay...slightly scared.


Neutral Mobs/Animals:



Beefalo: A walking hairy cow...It must be a Meat-horn!


Beefalo (following): How come it's interested in me?


Beefalo (sleeping): The sheeping cow is counting sheep.


Beefalo (shaved): I grabbed the wooly beef by the horns! Sort of...


Beefalo Wool: Nice and snuggly, though I look a bit ugly!


Beefalo Horn: Nice tune. Can it play a song to kill all arachnids?


Baby Beefalo: It's adora-bull! That was lame...


Baby Beefalo (sleeping)- Who's cuter than my rubber ducky? Yes you are!


Bee: The way it moves around so fast...does it need to take a leak?


Bee (picked up): Hush now, bee! You are safe.


Killer Bee: It's the Snacker Wasps! Keep away from my fresh flesh!


Killer bee (picked up): Perhaps I can use these to discourage beasts...


Stinger: Careful...don't touch...


Pig: I thought you lived in a hot place.


Pig (Following): We'll be together forever! And by that, a day or so...


Pig (Dead): My friend! I shall avenge you!


Pig Skin: Is it supposed to feel like this?


Bunnyman: You freak me out.


Beardlord: You freak me out.


Bunny Puff: So cuddly!


Frog: You look like you're puckering up...


Frog (Sleeping): I think old Waverly has been here.


Frog (Dead): It had some left-over legs from a certain creature in it's mouth...


Koalefant: Is it a Koala, or an Elephant?


Winter Koalefant: So, was this a Elephala?


Rock Lobster: Hm. Hard shells.


Pengull: Their beaks.. A Pencan!


Splumonkey: Wasn't there a fairy tale about this freak?






Trivia: Waldo's Aunt's name is Klei backwards.





Help, critism, ideas on what to add and all that most welcome! Please let me know if there was something you wanted a quote with Waldo for.



I personally feel a bit of the starting equipment is OP.


I also apologize if something like this was done already.

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Starts with: Bush Hat, Beefalo Hat, Back-pack, Miner Hat, and 'Waldo's Spear'


Thats way too much. With the exception of maxwell the characters start with maximal one special item, and maxwell is the reward for winning this game.

Especially the Beefalo and Miner hat, that save you quite a few days before winter which is pretty much the only difficulty in don't starve.



Waldo's Spear is a variation of the Spear, obviously. It has infinite uses, and deals 27 damage, and gives Waldo a speed boost in movement.




total overpowered, you know that, right?


None of the characters start with a weapon, except for maxwell, and you can already kite every single enemy in the game with just a regular spear.


And the debuff is pretty much a joke too, even if you consider the -30 health.


Trivia: Waldo's Aunt's name is Klei backwards.




His Perk isn't game changing either, willow already has a infinite light source, so there isn't much sense in adding a character with 1.5x light.


Your character is just a boring character with a handful of starting items (you would require more then 5 days to acquire them with other chars, even way longer if you don't know this game that well!) and a cheating item.


Sorry for being so harsh, but if you want to cheat, just cheat.

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i like your ideas very much, good job!! you know this game very well i see congrats!!!!



i like your character beacause "ADVENTURE!!!!"



is the best!!!!



i hope you can make it so we can play...

will custom character be able to be in  PS4 version i wonder?  of they are like the mods than sad answer is no..



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Please don't.


That thread was on the second page when i answered it! I haven't looked at the date. Sorry for that, on other boards threads on the second page are maximal 2-4 days old, not a month.


I guess that forum isn't very active anymore if threads on the second page are already a grave :(

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