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  1. wow you are the best artists here!!! it looks like you could make a real Dont Starve cartoon, how great would that be? thank you for sharing your art with us!! maybe i will draw now?
  2. its good to know your temperature!! thank you for this mod!!!
  3. actually, i think this game seems like it holds some of Dont Starve's charms: Among The Sleep "A first-person horror game played from the perspective of a two-year-old child. Players will confront creatures and environments that straddle the line between real and surreal." and my friend was talking about this game yesterday: it looks like a realistic Minecraft/Dont Starve!!!! "the forest"
  4. thank you i forgive im sorry if i talked too much here i was being excited to be here and talk about great game Dont Starve
  5. i just came here to enjoy the game!!!! i am new here tonight and i talk to many posts! you have been here to have time to say what you want alrady but i am jsut here now please why are you this way?
  6. he said he was going to kill the thread!!! haha i mean it! i know what troll is, why you do this to me? i am new here! :grief:
  7. no! dont starve and dont die! taht is the rules! haha
  8. thank you i try now it sounds like make game more fun
  9. is good video! i like how you play like me i am new here but i learn now thank you
  10. i like the cartoon! it is good to remember to laugh every now and then! i dont live very long on this game, but i come here to learn to be better player because Dont Starve is my favorite now i always die at night from hands that steal fire!!!!! but so far i have lived to almost it was snowing!!!! my frends all enjoy watching me play and they like game too but i am best
  11. what is wrong with talking about this topic? i am very interested in PSVita version Dont Starve i have one you understanding? how will the makers of the game know people like the idea if we cannot say so, shold i make new topic of discusiion of same topic again? i am new here, and 4 months doesnt seem so long ago thank you for understanding