[Suggestion] New type of surface mob - The Molner

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So since the Six Feet Under update I've been having "fun" with the lovely new Depths Worms. Apparently these guys fill the position of a hound under the ground, which while I personally think is quite unbalanced and unnecessarily difficult, very cool and interesting.


However they made me think; we have the surface, and it's mobs/trees/setpieces/etc

Below that we have the spanking spelunking first level of caves, and then the final level that I'm personally too afraid to go to. 

Back up a bit though, my question is what's in between the surface and the caves?


Well judging from the swamp tentacles, rabbit holes and trees, and amount of soil/dirt.

And here comes my suggestion. What with all of the recent updates to caves and magic, I think the surface has been left out considerably, and I think a new mob would really liven things up.


Behold: The Molner


Behaviour and Appearance

A neutral mob that appears only at dusk (much like real-life moles). When it appears on the surface it creates a mound (perhaps this process takes a few seconds, adding an eerie feel) and crawls out onto the surface.

It would most likely (due to it being a mole) run away from aggressive mobs.

There would be variants (See Effect on World) who could potentially have different attitudes to the player and mobs.


It would look a lot like a real life mole, with perhaps an an exaggerated pair of claws. 

But most notably (and here's the visual kapow) it has a miner's hat. Ha, I know, brilliant, and that explains the name too (Mole + Miner = Molner). It would produce a small light similar to that of a real miners hat.

Now importantly the hat isn't droppable, as there already is a miner's hat. Maybe as a trinket that character's could remark how it's too small for use.


Effect on World/Practicality

The gimmick and practical use of the Molner however, would be it's tools. At dusk, they dig a little mound, pop up and depending on what kind of tool they spawned with, they'll go off a find the respective resource for that tool and start having a go at it (picking up the resources that trees/boulders/saplings/grass/potentially berries and carrots?). This means that whilst they are neutral, they negatively affect the player. And so it adds a pretty interesting dynamic. If one pops up in the forest full of spiders with an axe, the player will most likely go on his merry way.

But if as night is approaching the player is desperately searching for stones to build a firepit, and as they near a boulder a Molner pops up with a pickaxe, they'll probably attack the Molner.


Now, it's well known that a sign of moles is there distinctive mole-hills. 

Molners should also have their own distinct hills, perhaps with a little lantern on a stick, or a sign saying "Molner Inc." it's pretty open in that regard.


But the really debatable element would be the longevity of the Molner hills. Would they last a few days, never to be used again by Molners? I think the best option would be if they, similarly to real mole-hills, stay open until the player digs it up. Perhaps multiple ones could appear near eachother, presenting a veritable infestation that the player would have to deal with or face losing resources.


Additional Notes

When getting rid of Molner Hills, perhaps it requires a pickaxe rather than a more apparent shovel so that it takes time and gives the inhabitants a chance to defend their home.



Notably the Molners use distinct tools for their respective tasks. Upon killing a molner there would be a small chance for the Molner Pickaxe/Axe/Shovel/Pitchfork to drop, but importantly any resources they had gathered would drop upon there death.


As for drops specific to them, other than their own tools, I've no idea.



There's a lot of potential for a mob like this, including but not limited to new materials and clothing.

I've omitted a fair bit from this, and for the curious, yes I do have moles in my garden and am currently setting about trapping them.


Apologies if this idea has already been submitted. 


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Not bad, they are like versatile gobblers in terms of mechanics, it would be kinda fun.


Yeah, pretty much the idea of it. It could have the comedic element of the gobbler too, potentially.

Like how gobblers stuff their faces and leg it when you come, Molners could do a similar thing after fully mining a resource i.e. hauling ass in a comedic fashion

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