New Weapon Idea, The Atlatl. Also composite projectiles

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The one thing I've always felt was lacking in Don't Starve is the weapons! I'm sick of hitting things with clubs and swords. My suggestion would be a ranged weapon with more power than any others in the game, an atlatl. For those of you who don't know and atlatl is basically a stick with a hook at one end that acts as a spear thrower. With it you throw a long flexible spear/dart at your target with much greater force than can achieved without the thrower. I think it could be an awesome addition to the game and would add some extra killing power from a distance. Another idea I would like to bring up is composite projectiles. A spear thrown from an atlatl could be made of 2 pieces, a main-shaft and fore-shaft. The main-shaft should be difficult to manufacture with lots of durability, while the fore-shaft should be easy to make but easily broken. This would another layer to the crafting system. Fore-shafts could also be swapped out quickly and serve different functions. For example, some tips could be poisoned while others wouldn't be. 


Anyway, give some feedback and let me know if you like these ideas. It's just something I've been thinking about lately and thought I would bring it up!

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