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[Mod Request] Improved Maxwell (Aesthetic)

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Hey guys. I'm real new here and have found myself playing this game for a very long time, to the point where I ahve Maxwell.


I was playing through Survival as him and thought to myself, "Huh, this guy doesn't look much like y'know, Maxwell."


I was wondering if when someone has the spare time, if they could make a mod that changes Maxwell's appearance in-game to look more like his Selection Photo:




Things like the smaller nose, more sinister expression and brow, more defined lips, long sleeved suit and maybe legs a bit thicker, or that at least look like him, and if you were to see him from the back or side, maybe see the shulder curls and coattails?


Is this something that can be done?

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I don't think seriously that's possible. I wonder about a normal,playable Maxwell who isn't small like Wilson or the Others. The original Maxwell who's talking to us under the adventure. Then I don't like so much Maxwell's char. -___-

I.....have to disagree. I think it could be done with just some simple edits of the current Maxwell skin. Not that I would know how to do that.

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I've finished for now. If there's anything else you want me to change with the skin, feel free to ask.





Hey man just saw this: thank you very much for your efforts.


Any chance you could refine it a bit further? I feel that your version is way better but still doesn't quite have the 'dapper' look that the drawings do.


A few suggestions are;


1. Make his legs a bit wider, maybe give him knee bends in the resting state.

2. Slim his arms down

3. Make his sleeve ends a bit thinner and end less abruptly, so that it looks like it fits better. More of a tailored look and less of a 'wearing dad's old suit' look.


On another note I would love it if Klei updated the character models. I feel they could improve the torso and limbs of the characters quite a lot. 

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@sfbrh, this is a very old topic.  Mr. Tiddles is currently working on several other mods, and I doubt that he can keep up with this in addition to his Writhe mod and his You Are Being Hunted mod (can't speak for him, just informing you that this is a very old topic).

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