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(Need Help) New character mod: Waller

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Waller character mod ideias: 


Who is?

Name: Waller

Nickname: The builder

Quote: "I'm the best constructor of the earth!"


- Comes with all the walls and floors unlocked , and uses only half' material that other characters need.

- Earn sanity when builds floor or walls

-Comes with a "hammer thulecite" (New Item)

-Comes with the "constructor backpack

-Is afraid of spiders (Loses sanity

Life: 150


Sanity: 250

Attack: 1.50x normal damage


Constructor backpack:

-Slows move speed by 20%

-Have 12 inventory slots

-Other character are unable to create or use 

Thulecite hammer:

-Do 17 damage

-300 uses

-Return all the material that was disassembled

-Other character are unable to create or use 



I am open to new ideas

Note: I am Brazilian and I used google translator

Can someone help me create a mod like this?

I'm trying to learn, but this difficult, because I have no time, it has many good tutorials and I'm Not Made a good English ...

Thank you!

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