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  1. I found a bug I went into my world in adventure mode with this mod and when I was born, appeared beside me one hell hound already attacking me, I almost died, fix this please.
  2. Wanted help with some ideas: Dark-Hound Hulk-hound Strange-hound Hound-armor Hound tooth-trident Hound of darkness, skill Summons Crawling horrors and terror breaks - drop purple gem (spawns when you're insane) / Hulk hound is green larger, and attacks like a tower and as a hound Normal (varies) Dropped one green gem and fur hound Strange hound: Eat everything you see (ALL). You can teleport a short distance. - Dropped Orange gem Hound Armor: Made from the hound, 750 gives durability and absorbs 80% of physical damage, besides Delays freezing during winter Hound tooth trident is made ​​from twigs and 3 3 cloves hound, gives 42 damage, same bat the bat ... Hope you enjoyed the ideas, if you want to add them feel free but please note my help in the description. thank you
  3. How i create a item? Im' studing how to creating a monster,but,and a item? Sorry for my bad english,I'm brazilian....
  4. Not have other mob tutorials? I am brazilian and have dificulties with english...ando vide tutorials as not good,and i don't have ds in the moment,not have other mobs tutorials???