How about achievements ?

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I just think this game really needs achievements heres my ideas of some:


It's time 

Chop a tree for the first time.


You think you're so though?!?

Kill 200 spiders.


My little pets... 

Tame pigs 20 times.


For science!

Shave your beard for the first time.



Survive 100 days without using any reviving items.


Friend of Willow

Burn 500 trees.


A good friend of our's

Kill 20 tentacles with 3 or more pigs.


A good adventurer!

Explore the map fully.


Expert adventurer

Defeat the adventure mode.


The disgusting worm

Defeat depth worm.


How you like me now ?

Craft a spear and a hambat.


Do you believe in magic ?

Craft the science machine with Wickerbottom.



Kill deerclops.


Well thats all i think you like it .... I'm still sure you won't add achievements eh.... Bye now!







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Déjà vu.


 It's hardcoded into my brain.


They can make if you use a console like then they disable achievements

But what if I have to test things in beta previews? Should i let the game be buggy 

for the sake of imaginary self worth?

My favorite part of this thread is that i get to counter every argument you put up and win.

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