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Converting Chrome To Steam

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Check this thread for instructions on how to redeem your Steam and standalone copies.


Give me a moment to fire up my own Chrome copy and I'll try to give you instructions for finding your key. In the Chome version, go to Options, then Account Info, and your key should be displayed there. Just copy the key and follow the instructions in the thread linked above to redeem the other versions using that key.


Also, if you bought it directly from the website, you should have been sent a Humble page that has a key on it. That key will work for the Chrome, Steam, and standalone versions.

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It Says My Chrome Key and i tryed that key on steam under "Add A Game"  "Add Steam Product" and entered the key but it didnt work


Also i did get the humble page when i bought the game but i dont know how to get back to it.


i dont have the email containing  the links anymore

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Go to www.humblebundle.com's


key resender


Of course this is under the assumption you still have the email address you used to order the game. 


If not, find the proof of purchase email you got and mention your transaction ID as per that page's instructions. 



You can also register on the site and it will list your library and subsequent key ID there. 

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I am also struggling to convert chrome to steam,

Hello, before you say it, YES I have been to the don't starve instructions on how to get the steam key/ chrome key and move it over. That all seems straight forward. My problem is that when I open don't starve in Chrome, I get to the home screen, music n'all, but i literally cannot click on anything. None of the buttons respond, which means that nothing happens when I click on 'options' -the first step to getting my steam key. I have a saved chrome key from when I first bought the Beta about 2 years ago now, but i can't get to click on options in order to open Account information and then get to the info box that allows me to convert the key.


Any help is appreciated!





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Try sending an email to Klei (LiveSupport@KleiEntertainment.com), and include as much information as you can, like the email account your Chrome version is attached to. They should be able to help you.

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