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(Mod collab) A World Of Delusion

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Hello, modding friends! Shall you read my idea please? Keep in mind this is a SUUUPPEER MOOOOOD, so a lot of work would be put in.

This mod will add what could be called as the 'true' end to Don't Starve, with it's story based on hallucinations (Duh!).

If you obtain 3 purple gems, 2 nightmare fuel and 10 silk, you can craft the 'nightmare catcher', which can be used as Maxwell's key, and when used, activates a prompt, saying:

End the circle?

If you do this, you can kill 'them' at

their root. But beware, you will not do

it unnoticed.

Then two choices come up, the obvious "yes" or "no. If you choose "yes", you will be whisked to an adventure-mode like place, but insanity based.

Here's the levels I came up with so far:

The gardens:

This will be the only place you can get food that isn't stuff like monster meat/spider glands. There will be many farms of carrots, berries, and mandrakes, but there will also be a heck of a lot of nightmare flowers. Stone walls and hound mounds will spawn randomly around the map as well.

The wasteland:

The only two biomes that can spawn are swamps and rock, making tallbirds, merms, and frogs your only food source, and fireplaces hard to get. This level would be all-dusk, though, so it isn't impossible to live.

New hallucinations:

The mask:

Latches onto the faces of these folk and mind controls them to attack you:




Some other animals, let's brainstorm that later.


Latches onto your head and drains your insanity for itself, but since it IS fire, you get burned for 5 sec.

Dark Vinci:

The final boss who appears in the final world, modeled after the Da Vinci diagram with the dude who has a bunch of legs, but in shadow form.

The asylum keepers:



This was just posted a while ago, so feel free to join!

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Geez, you just finished a rather big mod Collab and you start an even bigger one now  o.0  Don't you have anything to do  : P

I'll not be joining you in this one. I'm signed up for another small project and would really like to finally finish one of my own mods  xD

Good luck with it. I didn't read everything 'cause I don't even know the current ending. So no "Sounds good" from me  ; )

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