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I Need Help With Obtaining Sound Files!

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I am making a sound mod for the Jockey in L4D2 and need Woodie's sound files to replace the Jockey sound files.

My problem is is that the sound file is in FSB format and i have looked all over the place for extractors and none of them worked.

I kindly ask for someone to help me get these files in WAV or MP3 format so i can use them.

Once my sound mod is finished i will include a link to it for whomever wants to install it.

Thanks in advance.

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http://aezay.site11.com/aezay/fsbextractor/ this is all you'll need for that. also, a developer that vigorously supports the modding community is highly unlikely to have qualms with you using an extremely insignificant portion of data to create a mod for a game that already has an abundance of mods revolving around other games, so I really wouldn't worry about that. in their guidlines, they state they're ok with people making a standalone total conversion game out of don't starve as long as it's not called ''don't starve'' so this would really be nothing to them.

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