Beefalo Eternity Chasing You? O.O

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So I accidentally attacked a beefalo trying to gather some wood from a tree by it. The whole heard chased me but I'm eternally running from one, just one beefalo, there's no way to shake it they don't get stuck behind trees and don't give me reprieve to heal and fight even with armor and all, Should really have a timer before they stop? I"ve made it so far and to lose just because of this is kind of annoying :(

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They usually do stop- It just takes a while.

Alternatively you can either use pan flute to make it sleep. Or use the tent to change face.

It's really hard to do that when it takes you stopping to craft or place things, and harder to pick up materials while running from one. So far this thing has chased me three days straight, only reason I've lived so far at night is because I'm playing Willow and her little fires are saving my life lol that and having horded food and only just getting enough time to eat it and running as Soon as it shows the tick gone up on the meter

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