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Ok, so an idea that popped up while I was reading the multiplayer threads scattered here and there (Don't worry. This post ain't just about how cool multiplayer would be). Well, the start of the idea was, if multiplayer/co op was in the game, it would be cool if the other player was invisible, maybe even spawning into the world separately. You'd have to go waaay out of your way to even find this other player. But, continuing this thought, I was also thinking, what if there were invisible creatures? Not as in the arghablargh I'mma eat your soul sort of creature, but one that wanders around the world acting very like an actual player would if they'd just started out - going around, gathering things, setting up campfires for the night or maybe just wandering around with a torch - yet is actually nowhere to be seen. Heck, you could make it stop it's actions if the player got where it would be in his/her screen if you don't want it to be followed by some very amused player...

Just a thought, really. ^_^;

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That's really a great idea but I think it would nullify the loneliness feel this game has to it, although you'd never see said 'other' you'd know he/she/it was there by the telltale tree stumps, harvested saplings etc.

Plus I wouldn't want someone else theiving my precious resources! :p

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