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  1. Woah now, that's a lot of shipping going towards Spazmatic! I'm rather amused. It's a little ironic actually, as you are all wrong with your shipping choices! @Spazmatic! There has been something I have wished to say to you for quite some time... You have always been very nice and helpful to all on the forums, and a good buddy of mine to boot! So, would you mind if I said, thusly, from me to you... Consider this my honest proposal to you, Spazmatic... Will you marry me? <3
  2. @Spazmatic Top shelf! Best advice ever 2014!
  3. Hahaha, I've been around for a while, I just lurk half the time really; is more appealing! Much like Krampus himself, come to think about it. Also, why have we not yet thought about marrying the old forums to the new one? Surely is an unholy enough concept to spontaneously become all that is good and holy in this grand new age? (Also, was more speaking about bankicking the concept than the person performing the ceremony )
  4. Hey, who is this marriage guy anyhow? He sure sounds a shonky character, shouldn't we bankick him?
  5. Have generally found that with huntsman Pyro's are most annoying. The best luck I've had with killing them is if they en't so grand at airblasting. Either mistiming it or letting me get my feet on the ground for the split second it takes to shoot (I do believe you can draw your bow midair, just not shoot. So if you keep your cursor tracked onto their head if they let you touch the ground for even a second they are in quite a deep frying pan there) But then again, if you don't get your feet on the ground well, uhhh, GG!
  6. May I ask when the next event is? I'm honestly half interested in joining, this event thing seems like it'd be quite fun!
  7. That is quite an ineresting compilation of all the information found on William so far. And very in depth too!Will this be updated when any new info comes along? It would be quite awesome if we could eventually get the entire history of William Carter gathered up in one spot...
  8. Sorry dude, I'm off for the next week ;-;

    It would be nice if you could keep me posted, though!

  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Steam Version Number this1 Issue title Game starts, weird graphic bug? Steps to reproduce I opened up the game on steam. That's pretty much it. Describe your issue I open up the game, and it starts up OK, but when it gets to the main title screen the graphics are all messed up - like it takes the last screenshot of the last program I had running and scrambles it (Tried to put an attachment showing this, but couldn't?) Sound still plays, so I don't think it's freezing up or something... Also, if you are wondering why I didn't put in a current game version, I kinda can't...? I believe it's the latest one, though... If there's another way of figuring it out without pressing backspace in game, could you also tell me that? I've tried downloading and re running the Direct-X installer like it was instructed in the game troubleshooting guide you have here, but it doesn't seem to have fixed anything. Help would be appreciated. I would love to play this awesome game ^_^
  10. I think you already can start forest fires with a torch. You just need to grab the torch with your mouse, hover it over the offending tree, and click...
  11. Abigail is quite annoying when she pops out of nowhere and hurts you. I was thinking that there should be more of an animation when she appears; a second or three of swirlies under your feet. An attentive player would be able to dodge that, and it would penalize players like me for trying to watch youtube or read a book while letting the game go in the background... (That is what I mostly do after setting up the campfire, if hunger is full and all ^_^; )
  12. I should also add that Wendy says 'It's nakedness is now on display' when you shave beefalo. I seem to remember her saying different things about the shaved beefalo when it's asleep or awake, but I'm not so sure. Worth checking for the other characters, surely? Edit: Ninja'd!
  13. Ok, so an idea that popped up while I was reading the multiplayer threads scattered here and there (Don't worry. This post ain't just about how cool multiplayer would be). Well, the start of the idea was, if multiplayer/co op was in the game, it would be cool if the other player was invisible, maybe even spawning into the world separately. You'd have to go waaay out of your way to even find this other player. But, continuing this thought, I was also thinking, what if there were invisible creatures? Not as in the arghablargh I'mma eat your soul sort of creature, but one that wanders around the world acting very like an actual player would if they'd just started out - going around, gathering things, setting up campfires for the night or maybe just wandering around with a torch - yet is actually nowhere to be seen. Heck, you could make it stop it's actions if the player got where it would be in his/her screen if you don't want it to be followed by some very amused player... Just a thought, really. ^_^;
  14. Let's not panic. Dev's say they are on it, they most likely are. Nothing much to do for now apart from sit back, chew popcorn, and chill.
  15. 30 days with wilson before getting bored with the world and committing suicide. About 14 for both Willow and Wendy, for various reasons (*cough cough* TREES *cough cough*)
  16. So it'll just be an audio cue before the pack appears? I'm not sure I like that, having no sound on my computer at all...
  17. Not really. Multiplayer would just mean more mouths to feed, more resources to gather for survival. You'd likely have to go out more often to gather food, and what would easily keep one person alive may struggle with two or three. It'd also make for an interesting situation if someone decided to hoard food for him or herself, leaving not much for his team members/frenemies to go on. Also, cannibalism.
  18. At night, their lights are only on if you don't get close. They turn their lights on again once you leave, though... Nasty piggies...